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About Us

Uncle Pete’s Re-Leaf is a licensed Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver based in Sanford, founded in 2011 and operated by the Tranchemontagne family.

Pete’s Story

My name is Peter Tranchemontagne, also known as Uncle Pete. I was born and raised in Southern Maine. Using Maine craft cannabis to treat my chronic pain from a work injury lead me to become a cannabis user. After seeing the medicinal benefits first hand, my family and I co-founded Uncle Pete’s Re-Leaf, a licensed caregiver in Southern Maine.

My cannabis use went from recreational to medicinal quickly after a life-threatening illness in 1986 and a c-spine work-related injury in 1998. Attending physicians referred me to multiple pain clinics for assistance, and their suggested route to band-aid my pain was opioids. I experienced severe physical side effects while under their care, most notably liver and pancreas failure. After two years under an extended opioid recovery plan, I chose recovery through medical marijuana use.

Using Maine craft cannabis made significant improvements in my overall health and inspired me to become a Maine Medical Marijuana caregiver in 2011. Due to my physical impairments, my family assists with our cultivation. We focused on our plants’ quality and specific strains for targeted relief from various ailments.

Since 2011, I have worked closely with the Maine Revenue Service to develop a fair tax code for Maine Caregivers. We assisted with the “YES on 1” campaign for adult recreational use in 2016. We introduced the LD 764 Organ Exclusion Bill to Maine Legislation in November of 2016. This law passed resoundingly, and as a result, Maine medical marijuana patients cannot be excluded from the organ transplant list solely based on cannabis use. We helped create the Language and passage of LD 1539, which protects existing Maine Medical Marijuana Caregivers. I continue to be a registered public speaker and an activist for both medical and recreational marijuana use.

In 2018, I was awarded Maine Cannabis Activist of the Year by the New England Cannabis Community Awards in Boston, MA. Following that, in 2019, I was a nominee for Maine Cannabis Activist of the Year.

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