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The History of Uncle Pete’s Re-Leaf

Using cannabis to treat my chronic pain from a work injury lead me to become a cannabis user. After seeing the medicinal benefits first hand, my family and I co-founded Uncle Pete’s Re-Leaf, a licensed Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Southern Maine. We started with a few patients and quickly grew from there. Since 2011, I have worked closely with the Maine Legislation to adapt our regulations to help caregivers and patients. Including developing a fair tax code for Maine Caregivers, assisting with the “Yes on 1” campaign for adult recreational use, and introducing the Organ Exclusion Bill to Maine Legislation in November of 2016. I am a public speaker and advocate for both medical and recreational cannabis use. We focus on our cultivation methodology, specific strains for targeted relief, and a variety of products.


  • I am a NH resident and was taking over 800 milligrams of oxycodone per day. It made life very difficult. I go to Maine because I am living on Social Security disability and 360 dollar ounces of flower were too expensive for me to afford the whole month. My brother, who .is also disabl.ed and lives in Vermont, and I went last week and, after going on line and checking out the dispensaries, we decided we had to check out Uncle Pete. We did so and pulled up on a nice home and no sign or any indication if what it was. A friendly shout and we met Uncle Pete.. I was immediately impressed. I am an old guy who grew up in the 60s and 70s. THIS is what I dreamed a dispensary would be. After 3 minutes of talking with him, I was a fan. This guy is the real deal. His quality is absolute top notch, his prices are as good or much better than ANYWHERE else, at least in the 14 dispensaries we checked. Try Uncle Pete’s. I did and I will be returning soon. I wi.she I had discovered Uncle Pete’s a couple years ago. All family run and that is a big deal to me. What can I say, I love this place. My name is Matt Malia and I am a real patient with chronic pain for the last 35 years. I am a customer for life

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